About Us

The goal of the brand is to Uplift, inspire, encourage, and motivate individuals to reach deep and push to reach their maximum potential. Greatness helps to connect individuals to their purpose and builds stronger communities and teams.

Our mission is to push individuals to achieve their greatness potential.

The strength of any community or team is based on the success, stick-to-itiveness, and the leadership of the people in it. In order to transform our communities and thoughts we have to encourage people to embrace greatness in all aspects of their lives. We are committed to our customers internally and externally as they strive to become great. Push2BeGreat is building a brand that not only features a logo but the meaning of the logo. We will partner with various inner city schools and neighborhoods; partner with schools to help create programs that encourage our youth to Push to be their greatest selves. Our purchases will include inspirational quotes and messages. We will encourage our customers to share how they Push2BeGreat on our website. Push2BeGreat is more than a clothing line…we are a movement!!