Innovative Learning Curriculum Initiative


The Innovative Learning Curriculum Initiative (ILCI) is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that aims to motivate and engage our youth in their educational and life journey. The mission of ILCI is to PUSH and encourage students to accomplish their greatest goals. With a primary focus on economically disadvantaged children in low performing, diverse, urban areas our goal is to provide an equal opportunity, regardless of circumstance, for everyone to push themselves to reach their greatest potential both in and out of school.


In partnership with Shwinn Innovations and the Push2BeGreat brand the Innovative Learning Curriculum (ILC) program’s objective is to increase and accelerate literacy performance. ILC will incorporate relatable themes of interest into learning that makes content meaningful while at the same time embedding grade level Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The program will ultimately enhance a student’s knowledge and skills in grade level content areas while engaging them through an interactive framework. Learning will be transformed by combining the current interests of youth with the basic fundamentals of learning. Children will be engaged and motivated to learn and master basic skills essential to becoming confident, responsible, contributing members of communities with a sustainable future.


Innovations in education are of particular importance because education plays a critical role in creating that sustainable future. Learning begins in the classroom but continues in every aspect of life. Studies have shown direct links between low literacy levels and high crime rates. These findings suggest that community violence may be an important, though under recognized, social determinant of poor school performance (1).


Shwinn Innovations, LLC, the Push2BeGreat brand and the ILCI Teams are working diligently to develop this revolutionary framework to help secure the successful future of our youth and communities.
If you would like to support this important initiative that will change, inspire and shape our youths education and future, your donations will be greatly appreciated.