P2BG means doing everything in life to your optimum level. No matter what it is. Be it relationship, being a parent, starting a business or life in general. Always outwork the opposition and do Everything to the best of your ability. Constantly striving for greatness and ways to get better!How I’m Pushing to be Great:Everyday i wake up, i strive to be better than i was yesterday. Strive to be a better husband, father, son, Friend and person. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve in all aspects of my life! :100:

- Travis Wilder

Pushing to be my greatest self Purpose, Character and Commitment:My purpose has always been to push myself to limits that others believe can’t be reached. With that mindset, I’ve instilled and incorporated a work ethic that reminds me of being great no matter what I am doing in life. Many years ago, I was in a terrible accident that nearly took my life. I fortunately made it out of that thanks to the higher power and because I had that second chance, I promised myself that I had to give it my all, MY PURPOSE. It took me many years to figure out what my purpose was, but now that I’ve figured it out, I understand that my purpose is to help others incorporate the same can-do attitude. All it takes is to reach deep inside and transform any internal negative energy into outside positive results. My brand PUSH2BEGREAT is my life and what my life is. My brand is my character. Never give up on your goals and fight through any adverse situation or obstacle. My commitment is to see anything through its purpose. Committing to my family and committing to the higher power. My commitment is to PUSH myself to be better than I was the previous day. Understanding to be a better person, friend, brother, son and professional. Committing to pushing myself no matter how much the weight of life puts on me; no matter how much the weight of a job or obstacle puts on me; no matter how much weight or how much adversity there is, I have to PUSH and BE GREAT. Now, since I have that mindset, nothing is impossible. I CAN defeat anything that I put my mind and effort to. That’s my PURPOSE in life; my CHARACTER in life and my Commitment to life.


Four years ago I completed a vision board which included a variety of goals to help me get to my next level. I’m a firm believer that each individual should attempt to reach his or her fullest potential. So my vision board serves as a reminder of what I need to accomplish and it serves as a visual to keep me striving to meet those goals. I get to scratch out each goal that I accomplish and that shows my progress as a visual

- Keisha Love peace